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Articles Of Our Faith....

We believe that there is but One God,All Knowing(Omniscent),At All Places At All Times(Omnipresent),and All Powerful(Omnipotent).That He Came down to earth manifested in flesh to save all Humanity By making the Ultimate Sacrifice on the Cross.We also believe that one must live a Holy and Sanctified life pleasing to God,Repent and Water Baptism Fully Submerge in the water To Wash Away the old man and to become a new creature in Christ Jesus.Receive the Baptism of the HolyGhost with the Initial Evidence of Speaking in Tongues.We throughly believe the Holy Bible to be the Infallible Word Of God. As we Expectingly Await the Second Coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ...
Acts 2:38-39,Acts 4:12,Acts 8:14-17,Acts 19:1-6,I Thessolanians 5:23,II Corinthians 7:1,I Peter 1:15-17 and II Timothy 3:16